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About Us


86 SUPREME is a Brooklyn-based live electronic trio that combines their DIY punk vibe with reggae, hip hop, jungle and grime sound. They turn the traditional band set up on its head by integrating beat production and sample triggering into an explosive live performance.


86 Supreme began as an expression of an original sound and technique. After all having worked as professional musicians in the new york music scene for 10 years, they recognized that their concepts were beyond any existing lane. With live production concepts lead by midi-bassist/vocalist Sean Play, the band took its full form with drummer Xavier Hill, and synthesist Tenzin Hunter in 2017, creating their own signature style.


Both Sean and Tenzin introduce a FREAK set up to the stage by using their instruments to control stand alone samplers (gear geeks),  resulting in their own distinct take on sound and musical technique.


Through their releases, live performances and clothing line 1 Plus Edition, 86 Supreme is more than just a band; it's an expression of culture, creativity, sonics and lifestyle. 



Sean Play

 Sean Lewis is a NYC born and bred artist. Being exposed to the vast diversity of the city, he has adopted a variety of ideas and flavors in which he has molded into his own unique style. With his primary craft being an upright and electric bassist, he has since ventured into vocals, studio production, and other mediums in the arts world.

In 86 Supreme Sean plays  5 string bass, with a customized Roland midi pickup, using it as both a bass, and as a trigger for an mpc500 sampler.


Tenzin Hunter

Tenzin Hunter is a multimedia artist,  instrumentalist, producer, arranger and composer from NYC. Beginning his career as a guitarist, he expanded into myriad instruments, and collage.  His focus is on cultivation in the arts, internal martial arts, and being one with the nacho plate. 

In 86 Supreme Tenzin plays the MOOG Sub 37, using it both as a synth, and as a controller to trigger the MPC 500 sampler.


Xavier Hill

Xavier Hill was born in Brooklyn NY, and began playing the drums at 4 years old. Taking rudiment and advanced drum theory to a level few reach, his concepts are often beyond what most people have even considered.

In 86 Supreme, Xavier plays drums, spd pads, and then adds dirt.